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With well trained, enthusiastic and experienced team of engineers, we are confident to bring our customers the most advanced technology design solutions in the fields of oil and gas, energy and industry. Typical projects that we have done in recent years as following: Booster compressor 500.000 m3/day, Fuel Gas Treatment, Multiphase flow meter, CNG compressor […]

Overhaul Maintenance Reciprocating…

Overhaul Maintenance Reciprocating Compressor JSW Time interval: 11/11/2019 to 23/11/2019Customer and site: Nghi Son Refinery Chemical Plant.Maintenance Activities:1- Disassembled, Cleaned Valve Cavities, and Replaced Complete Suction/Discharge Valves;2- Removed Piston, Crosshead and Connecting Rod for NDT, checking Dimension and Condition;3- Checked the Conditions of the Bearings, piston Pins, Crankpin and Crank arm Deflection;4- Checked clearance and […]