Electricity & Power

1. Providing Cables and cable accessories

·        Underground cable

·        Submarine cable

·        Optical cable and accessories

·        Đầu cáp Indoor, Outdoor/ GIS and Outdoor termination

·        Brand name: TBEA cable, Xian Electric, LS Korea,…

2.  Providing Materials and equipment of Transformer Station

·         24kV indoor metal-clad switchgears

·        110kV GIS Equipment

·       Control, Protection, Measuring systems

3.  Solar power

Chan Hung focuses on developing electricity projects; researching and developing renewable energy sources projects, especially rooftop solar system.


         Electricity bill reduction

        long life expectancy

        Sustainable and endless supply

       Saving Environment

       No making noise

        Reduces transmission & distribution losses in the grid

        Reduce the heat for buildings

         high technology

Steps for proceed a project as follow:

       Step 1:  Investigate

        Step 2:  Process paperwork

        Step 3:  Installation

        Step 4:  Testing and operation training

        Step 5:  Acceptance and connection

        Step 6:  Operation and maintenance