Overhaul Maintenance Reciprocating…

Overhaul Maintenance Reciprocating Compressor JSW

Time interval: 11/11/2019 to 23/11/2019
Customer and site: Nghi Son Refinery Chemical Plant.
Maintenance Activities:
1- Disassembled, Cleaned Valve Cavities, and Replaced Complete Suction/Discharge Valves;
2- Removed Piston, Crosshead and Connecting Rod for NDT, checking Dimension and Condition;
3- Checked the Conditions of the Bearings, piston Pins, Crankpin and Crank arm Deflection;
4- Checked clearance and Replaced Main Bearing;
5- Checked condition of Mechanical seal, and replaced the new set of Mechanical seal;
6- Box up the Compressor, made alignment Compressor-Driving Motor;
7- Test Run the Compressor after Maintenance.