Loadout of BK-Thien Ung jacket

On 29th June afternoon, at the container yard, Vietsovpetro held a ceremony to load out the jacket of BK Thien Ung for installation at Thien Ung gas field under Block 04-3, about 270 km from Vung Tau.The ceremony was attended by representatives of Petrovietnam and Zarubezhneft; leaders of Vietsovpetro (EPCI contractor), PVC-MS and Lilama 18.

Thien Ung jacket has a length of 130 meters and weights 6,600 tons. It was successfully loaded out on the launching barge with stand-jack skidding system at 11 a.m on 25th June 2015.

Vietsovpetro General Director Tu Thanh Nghia said, after 30 years of production at Block 09-1, the construction of BK Thien Ung rig at Block 04-3 marked a new development step of Vietsovpetro. The success of BK Thien Ung Project would help stabilize Vietsovpetro's production in the coming years.

This is the first time Vietsovpetro acts as EPCI contractor for the oil rig construction project in deep water with the largest scale and highest rate of localization from engineering, procurement to production. It marks the development and rapid growth of the unit in this field.

Mr. Tu Thanh Nghia expressed gratitude to the two Governments for approving the project, to the staffs of NIPI, Construction Division, Marine Transport Division... and the traditional subcontractors PVC-MS, LILIMA 18 for their continued efforts to implement the project successfully.

During the past 5 years, Vietsovpetro has grown a lot through construction of such deepwater projects as Moc Tinh, Hai Thach, Dai Hung 02, Thang Long, Dong Do of similar scale. Regarding BK Thien Ung project, Vietsovpetro continues to promote the resources and experience for the best, safest, most economical and effective management and execution of project.

Besides the jacket, Vietsovpetro also performed other items as topside of 4,400 tons, 8 piles for positioning the jacket of 3,200 tons. The construction is expected to last for 22-24 months in the overall schedule of Thien Ung package.

The project for development of Thien Ung field, Block 04-3 is one of several projects related to each other in the master plan for development of gas resources at Nam Con Son basin, on the southern continental shelf of Vietnam.

The block 04-3 is managed by PetroVietnam and Zarubezhneft (Russia). 2D, 3D seismic survey has been conducted at the block since 1974 and such potential structures as Thien Ung – Mang Cau, Bo Cau, Hoang Hac, Dai Bang – Ung Trang have been identified. So far, totally 15 exploration wells have been drilled at the block.

In 2009, after the TU-3X wells produced commercial gas, PetroVietnam and Zarubezhneft issued a statement, signed Block 04-3 contract, and assigned the management of oil and gas activities at the block to Vietsovpetro.

According to Mr. Cao Tung Son, Deputy General Director of Vietsovpetro, the success of BK Thien Ung jacket showed great effort, high professionalism, overcoming of difficulties and close cooperation of the relevant parties especially the petroleum contract management division as the Project Management Unit, NIPI, Technip-PVE as the engineering unit, and the construction division under Vietsovpetro as the construction unit.

On the occasion, on behalf of the construction division, Director Do Van Hung launched the emulation to complete the remaining items of BK Thien Ung project.

In the coming time, much work remains to be done for BK Thien Ung project as transport, offshore installation of BK Thien Ung jacket, onshore construction and production of topside to fulfill well the tasks of production, installation, commissioning and handover to the investor. The construction division is the main contractor implementing the project together with NIPI, Marine Transport Division, other Divisions under Vietsovpetro and other contractors involved in the project.

The Director committed to the leaders of all level that BK Thien Ung project would be continued with the highest determination, initiative and creation, overcoming all difficulties and challenges to successfully complete the project.

Reportedly, BK Thien Ung project is out of gauge, with full weight of more than 15 thousand tons including the jacket of 6274 tons, the piles of 3200 tons, the wharf of 53 tons, the topside of 3952 tons, living quarters of 530 tons, dewatered piles of 700 tons installed at the depth of 120m. By 28 June 2015, BK Thien Ung project has been implemented in more than 1.6 million safe hours without occupational accidents.