Mid-Autumn Festival

  Wishing to bring back beautiful memories about the past Mid-Autumn, and create a warm, meaningful gathering for parents and children, the Board of Directors of Chan Hung Trading Technical Service JSC organized the event "Moon Celebration" for employees’ children on 03/10/2017 (or 14th in Lunar Calendar) at the company.

Picture 1: Set up for the “Moon Celebration”

   There were 40 people attending the event, who are the children of The company’s employees. The Mid-Autumn Day is meant to be the Reunion Day, or Children Day, the event held many fun games for the kids to enjoy. The Kids represented themselves to be very clever, hilarious through those quiz and games of the show.

Picture 2: Some games were going to be held

Picture 3: Blind feeding game


Picture 4: Fruit tray prepared by Chan Hung’s employees

In additon, more than 15 presents had been granted, wishing them a warm and happy Mid-Autumn Day. This activity also brought members of the company together, shared their meetings, greetings and life stories. 

The childrend and their parents ended the event with happiness and precious memories. In the end, thanks to the caring of the Board of Directors, we are looking forward to next year Mid-Autumn.