Overseas received an authorization to operate Block 16-2 from PVEP

On the morning of 10th May 2016, at the office of PVEP Overseas, a ceremony on signing the authorization contract of Production sharing contract of Block 16-2, offshore Vietnam was held between  PVEP  and PVEP Overseas, a member unit of PVEP. 

Attending the ceremony, PVEP were Mr. Ngo Huu Hai, Deputy Party Secretary, President & CEO; the leaders of Board of Directors and Executive Board; representatives of Trade Union and functional divisions.
PVEP Overseas were Mrs. Le Thi Lam Giang, acting Chairwoman; Mr. Cu Minh Hoang, Director and representatives of Executive Board, Executive committee of the Trade Union and functional divisions

Mr. Ngo Huu Hai, PVEP’s President & CEO had a speech at the signing ceremony. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Ngo Huu Hai praised PVEP Overseas for their hard-working during the difficult times of global falling oil price. He emphasized the deep concerns and sharing of PVEP for PVEP Overseas by authorizing the operation of Block 16-2 in the context of many foreign projects had to stopped and rescheduled; therefore, hoped that the leaders and collective staffs of PVEP Overseas will have consensus and determination to overcome recent challenges and accomplish the task. This is also one of the solutions to further improve the management and administration capacity of oil and gas contracts, so PVEP Overseas teamwork can be self-reliant and ready to implement other projects in the coming time.

After the speech of Mr. Ngo Huu Hai, the authorization contract was signed under the witness of leaders of both sides. 

Mr. Ngo Huu Hai, PVEP’s President & CEO and Mr. Cu Minh Hoang – Director of PVEP Overseas signed the authorization contract

PVEP and PVEP Overseas‘s leaders witnessed the signing

Mr. Ngo Huu Hai, PVEP’s President & CEO gave the signed contract to Mr. Cu Minh Hoang, Director of PVEP Overseas

Mr, Cu Minh Hoang then expressed his sincerely thanks to the PVEP’s executives for their attendants and witnesses in the signing ceremony. On behalf of PVEP Overseas, he committed to continue their efforts in order to find out and apply effective solutions to complete the task with the best results, especially in the challenging period, besides the experiences of generation of oil and gas workers during past time.