Chan Hung Trading Technical Services Joint Stock Company (Chan Hung JSC) formerly known as Chan Hung LTD, was established on 6th Sep, 2013. In a short period of time, the company has achieved considerable development and created a reputation in the petroleum market. We have also become one of the best companies in the elds of technical solutions, high technology services, maintenance, servicing and anti-corrosion.

Chan Hung is now an important partner of several global brands for products such as materials for pipe coating, valves, welding machines, pumps, clusters of equipment. Step by step, the company moves forward to become a major EPC contractor and undertake projects with value up to 10 million USD.

With the strength in supplying equipment for the oil and gas industry, designing and manufacturing industrial equipment assembly and supplying solutions for anti-corrosion, from 2016, BOD of the company decided to further focus in design and construction of electrical system to take advantage of the world’s technology to the development of Vietnam’s power system.

The foundation for Chan Hung’s development is our people, young at age but capable and inspired, and the competitive, creative working environment.

We are proactive and confidently approaching the new knowledge and technology all over the world, then apply in the respective fields in Vietnam. “Developing human resources in line with the corporate culture is the top priority throughout the operation and development of Chan Hung” according to Mr. Nguyen Trong Kien – Chairman and CEO of the Company.