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Field Joint Coating Services

The field joint is the area where two pipe joints meet and are welder together. This bare steel area must be protected against corrosion and thermally insulated after the welding and weld inspection operations in order to avoid creating corrosion-prone ares or cold spots in the pipeline or the subsea production structure. Field joint coating […]

Anti Corrossion Materials

Chan Hung is an exclusive representative in Southeast Asia of POLYGUARD specializing in the production of anti-corrosion materials in the US. Along with technical support, Chan Hung technical staff training provides professional anti-corrosion pipe rolling service to ensure prestige, quality and project progress according to international standards.

Insulation Materials

We provide thermal insulation materials, insulation covers: insulating glass wool, soundproof cotton mineral fiber insulation, fiberglass insulation tube, Rockwool tube, glass fiber tube, insulation tube … Wing seals, toggles, clips, banding for insulating insulation. With famous brands like ROCKWOOL, WINTHERMS, ELTHERM … Kong Ying Rockwoool Rockwoool