Dow Chemical Company visited and presented in Chan Hung

In order to tighten the sustainable relationship between Chan Hung Company and DOW Chemical Company, DOW experts visited and spent time presenting and exchanging experiences with engineers and workers at Chan Hung Company in two days September 26-27, 2016 in the fields of chemicals for coating joints and pipes.

During the working program, the employees of Chan Hung Company were presented on the topic “Transmission Hyperlast” by Mr. Lim, Geok-Hock, regional technical director & Witchai, regional sales manager of DOW Chemical Company. Products” and new experiences and products on joint coating (Field Joint Coating).

The presentation took place in a lively atmosphere. The engineers and workers of Chan Hung Company have had access to and exchanged a lot of related information. Especially useful information about joint wrapping of other projects that DOW has implemented, which was identified by Chan Hung Company as a strategic goal from the very beginning of its establishment.

Some pictures of the exchange between DOW Chemical Company and the engineers and workers of Chan Hung Company: