Partial discharge (PD) meter

  • Producer: HVPD
  • Country of manufacture: UK
  • Model Number: HVPD Kronos® Spot Tester

– Partial discharge (PD) meter online medium voltage underground cable is used to measure and analyze PD appearing in live medium voltage underground cable, especially for long underground cable, the machine can measure and analyze PD storage in other live electrical equipment such as switchgear, medium voltage transformers.

– The machine has ≥ 6 synchronous channels to collect data on the same time.

– Function to locate PD according to cable length.

– Can be used to record and monitor PD phenomena in a short period of time.

– PD pulse reflection function, expands the function of receiving and transmitting feedback pulses at the far end of the cable to increase the ability to locate PD for long underground cables.