Successfully energized Tanh Linh Binh Thuan 110kV Transformer Station

At 10:30 PM on September 10, 2023, the 110kV Tanh Linh transformer station and connection lines were officially energized and put into operation.

Construction started on September 7, 2022, located in Lac Tanh town, Tanh Linh district, Binh Thuan province. The project has a design scale of two transformers, capacity 2x40MVA, this phase installs 01 transformer 1x40MVA, connection line length is 253m, constructing a transformer station with an area of 2,925 m2.

Chan Hung Trading Technical Services Joint Stock Company is one of three joint venture contractors with Thu Duc Electromechanical Joint Stock Company and Thien Dinh Investment Trading Company Limited to construct the project with a 1-year period to ensure progress and labor safety throughout.

The Southern Power Project Management Board (Board A) was assigned by EVNSPC to be the project management unit. The progress of the project has been guaranteed to be achieved as planned. This is the continuous efforts of EVNSPC and the consortium of contractors who have worked overtime to carry out leveling work, speeding up the construction progress key electrical projects: Tanh Linh 110kV Transformer Station and connection lines, Binh Thuan province.

At 10:27 p.m. on September 10, 2023, the energizing process was completed and the project officially came into operation to serve the people here.

Some pictures at Tanh Linh 110kV Transformer Station – Binh Thuan on September 10, 2023.

A tiring but happy day for the brothers of Chan Hung Trading Technical Services Joint Stock Company